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It appears that many people who accept the offer of freelancerforms and logged in are getting a legal notice. They are sending notices under various clauses of Indian contract act, 1872 depending on how much work has been done. A copy of the legal notice complaint, (copy pasted from a complaint site, is posted below ) Complaint by Anuj dharamsingh yadav,

i got call from hr Miss sarika +919650349134 . they told me that they will give me 700 forms for 7days and they will pay me 24500 rs for this submission. They asked me to provide my adhar card via whatsapp i had given them my adhar but when i read their agreement so i decline to join them .they call me again if you do it you have to pay the money otherwise they will take a legal action against me. then after few min an email was sent to me and said that legal case Id UL/9284E is going for a legal proceedings kindly hire a lowyer and go for further proceedings. we are the typing task going with the legal proceedings under section 73, 74, 75,in the indian contract act 1872. Due to voilating the contract call for more details . after 5 days i found that this company is a fraud company .plz help me these are the no.8287745261 tarun kumar from customer care

Honey Verma:
I was searching for a job on a few days back, I have applied for many data entry jobs over there. So around 7-8 days back, I received a call for form filling online job, so they told me that I have to fill 700 forms in 7 days and I have to pay registration charges of 4000 which will be deducted from my first salary, I thought it’s ok if registration fees are going to be deducted from my first salary because at least I will be not having any fear of fraud if I pay before doing the job. So, I agreed for the job then they told me that, ‘if out of 700 forms 630 forms are totally not correct, I will not be eligible to receive any payment from them plus I have to pay the penalty charges of 4000. So, I agreed and after that, I received an email stating an agreement between me and the company which is not even signed by me, and then after I thought to complete the work given by them so that I don’t have to pay them, so I completed the given task of 700 forms in and before doing the final submission, I have rechecked every form to see that if there is any mistake or not. While rechecking I corrected the mistake which was done by me and after correction, I have did final submission, then next day I got to know that I have failed to fill correctly 630 forms. So, unfortunately, I have to pay a penalty of 4000rs. As per agreement which I have signed. But I have checked their report on their website ( they are showing mistakes where the mistake is not there only and at some places they have altered the data as well. Now they are threatening me by saying that if I do not pay that penalty charges of 4000+2000 (Compensation), legal proceedings will be taken against me, the case will be filed against me. This is totally fraud, why I should pay if there is no mistake done by me.
These companies misrepresent the terms and conditions of the contract to a layman and a needy person after that company claims money from that person. This is a totally fraudulent misrepresentation according to Section 18 under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Which clear says fraudulent misrepresentation means lie or false statement that is used to trick a person into an agreement. The company misrepresent the documents, deceive the person, and then send these types of emails and SMS to threaten the person and make money.
They are still calling me and sending SMS and threatening me.
So, I just request the legal authorities to take action against them, please.
Legal Law firm mobile no. +91 88662-53387

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